Commercial Leases

At Alison Law Solicitors we have a dedicated team of Solicitors to handle all aspects of commercial leases. Whether you are a landlord or tenant, we can assist on both sides of the spectrum.

If you want to rent a new business property, or you have a tenant who wants to leave, renew or alter the lease, or you’re having a problem with dilapidation, service charge arrears or a potential forfeiture, you need expert legal help!

We take a practical and commercial approach aimed at helping you complete your commercial property deals quickly, with confidence and value for money.

Through building a close individual working relationship with our clients, our experienced commercial property team aim to understand your businesses and commercial ambitions.

We provide assistance to both Landlords and Tenants and can provide help with the following;

For Landlords 

Drafting a new lease

Renewing an existing lease

Rent Reviews

Rent Deposit Deeds

License for alterations

License of Assignment

Forfeiture proceedings


For Tenants 

Approving and Reviewing a New lease

Approving and Reviewing Rent Deposit Deed

Renewing an existing lease

Assigning a lease

Buying a business

Negotiating heads of terms


The above list is not exhaustive but covers most eventualities. We offer tailor made solutions no matter the scope of your problem.

We will notify you as soon as possible should we become aware of any matter that is not included within your price as quoted. Please note that our fixed fees (Agreed Fees) are payable whether or not your intended lease completes.


Leases and Sale of Business

Type of Work Price
Drafting Leases £2,500 plus VAT
Approving Leases £1,500 plus VAT
Drafting and/or Approving Rent Deposit Deed £750 plus VAT / £500 plus VAT
Drafting and/or Approving Licence to Assign £1,500 plus VAT / £1,000 plus VAT
Drafting and/or Approving Deed of Assignment £1,000 plus VAT / £750 plus VAT
Drafting and/or Approving Sale of Business Agreements £1,250 plus VAT / £750 plus VAT
Drafting and/or Approving Goodwill document £750 plus VAT / £500 plus VAT
Deed of Surrender £500 plus VAT
Other Documents £ price varies according to work type


The above prices does not include your stamp duty charges and charges for registration of leases. Our legal charge for registering the lease or any work associated with land registry is £250 plus VAT. We estimate the land registry fees to be between £40 to £200.00, and No VAT is chargeable. If we are required to undertake ID checks, we charge an additional amount of £75.00 plus VAT per person. The fee is dependent on the work type. For example, the costs of registering a new lease could be £40.00.

As to the stamp duty fees we cannot provide any estimation as this is case dependent.

Our prices does not include VAT. VAT rate is currently set at 20%.


Please note, our prices are subject to change if the work appears to be more complex. This is simple an indication of what our prices may be and does not include any additional or unforeseen circumstances. We will always advise you of our charges from the outset.