The chairman of Alison Law Solicitors is to stand down from undertaking casework, the firm has said, as it begins the search for his successor to replace his caseload.

Habib Rahman, who has been the chairman of Alison Law for second term, has faced pressure of developing the practice and maintaining his workload. The firm has now undergone restructuring exercise in light of many recent changes in the industry in order to ensure that the practice continues to grow but importantly is prepared for any further changes to its industry without it causing a major disruption to day to day operations.

During his leadership the firm has seen a steady growth in its turnover along with increasing its presences in most major cities and towns in the UK. That progressed was halted due to Covid-19, which meant that more time was spent on casework. The firm for the next few years has ambitions plans for expansion and growth in turnover under the guidance of its current chair.

“Accepting your limitation is one thing but actually doing something about it is another” said Mr Rahman. The firm has seen the impact of covid 19 which continues to linger in the background and as result are putting systems and processes in place to deal with similar circumstances in the future. From a small practice in Sheffield the firm has grown and what is great about this firm is that they know they have an issue and are prepared to put action plans in place to resolve them.

In an interview Mr Rahman said’

“It has been an immense privilege to have assisted clients and to have served as chairman and, as we emerge from the pandemic, it is important that my attention is focused in the firm’s continuous survival in this ever changing industry”

Let’s hope these changes continues to prosper.

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