If only that was the case.

As of 4 January 2021 the government made further announcement to put the country into lockdown because the new strain of coronavirus is increasing quickly. Once again, last minute changes were placed on our lives and our businesses but this time around it didn’t feel like it was much of an issue. I guess for approximately the last 9 to 10 months we have been living in a world where last minute changes is the new normal.

What does it mean for Alison Law?

Like many law firm across the country we are dependant on what the government and the court system has in place in order for us to continue working. It is in our client’s interest to ensure that we do continue to operate and deliver a service in these difficult times. That service will never be like the service that our client expect prior to the lockdown but it is our duty to ensure that we deliver the next best service to our client with limited resources.

Courts will remain open during the new Covid-19 restrictions applying across England. Guidelines state that reasonable excuses for leaving home during lockdown include fulfilment of legal obligations, such as attending court as a lawyer or jury member, or to carry out activities relating to buying, selling or letting a home.

People are also allowed to leave home for meetings within prisons or immigration detention centres.

Lord chancellor Robert Buckland QC MP said: ‘Our courts & tribunals continue to be an essential public service, served by essential workers and meeting Covid-secure standards endorsed by public health officials. With the use of remote hearings wherever appropriate, this vital work can and should continue.’

His justice colleague Chris Philp MP said court and tribunal hearings, including jury trials, can carry on either remotely or in person. He also confirmed that professional court users count as key workers so can place their children in school.

Philp added: ‘Professional users, jurors and witnesses should continue to attend. We are grateful for all you do to ensure access to justice.’

As it stand, our firm will remain open but with significant changes. These changes are for the benefit of our staff and to allow the business to continue to operate in accordance with covid guidance and regulations.

We will not be seeing any client at the office unless it is made by appointment. We will not allow any client who have an appointment to attend the office, if we believe that you are displaying symptoms of covid or do not comply with our requirement of wearing face covering during the appointment. In these difficult times, our firm needs to balance the servicing of our clients and importantly protecting our staff.

Due to these new restrictions and other measures and regulations that our staff will be required to follow, there will naturally be delays in responding to our clients. Our reception staff will assist as much as possible but we would like to remind our clients that it will not always be possible to speak to our team straightaway. For that reason we will continue to maintain the our response period could take up to 48 hours. The best possible way to contact our team would be to email your lawyer directly.

We will constantly be reviewing the government guidance and if necessary adopt the changes to our practices.

In these difficult times, the key is that as a country we should unite together in helping all those around us by staying at home, and limiting our social contact. We are in a far better position to beat this virus if we work together.

Our firm, will continue to provide legal services.

Be Safe. Keep Safe.

Habib Rahman