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   From the 18th of March, visa rules  be relaxed in the UK. This will allow people in the UK to bring over their Ukrainian family members. The Government has done this to extend their support to those who are fleeing the ongoing war in Ukraine.


The Home office is introducing  this under ‘The Ukraine Family Scheme’ for Ukrainian nationals already in the UK with valid visas.

Changes due to the Ukraine Family Scheme consist of the following:

.  Firstly, Ukrainian nationals already  on the existing points-based system being allowed to extend their leave in the UK

.  Secondly, nationals  on an existing visitor visa being allows to switch to a points-based system immigration route without leaving the UK

. Thirdly,  Ukrainian nationals on existing seasonal worker visas having their leave extended to 31 December 2022

. Last but not least, Ukrainian nationals in temporary HGV/pork butcher jobs having their leave extended to 31 December 2022

Due to this, it  will allow Ukrainians and their immediate family members to come together here in the UK. This is to allow them  join their UK-based family members here. In addition, it will  also be widened to include additional extended family members here to the UK.

To also add to this, a new visa sponsor route called the Local Sponsorship Scheme for Ukraine will be introduced.  The Government are implementing this to allow UK firms to sponsor Ukrainians without UK family ties enter the country. The scheme will allow  people to match  with sponsors. To conclude on this point, there will be no limit within this.

How we can be of help with the Ukraine Family Scheme:

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Written by Mea Akindele
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