Today, April 22nd is World Earth Day. World Earth day is important as it demonstrates the support for environmental protection. The first one was held in 1970 and was proposed by peace activist John McConnell to honour and the concept of peace. Now in celebration of Earth Day, a wide range of events will be taking place such as: Yoga & Outdoor Activities, Vegan Eating & Activism plus more to support of the environment.

At Alison Law Solicitors, Earth Day is important to us as being a member of The Legal Sustainability Alliance (LSA) which is an organisation that help us to lower our carbon footprint as a business. We care about doing our part to protect our ecosystem and are proud to say we are doing our part as a firm of helping the environment by going paperless. This means that all of our files are electronic rather than being physical files and when possible we  send correspondences by email rather than sending a letter through the post.

Although carbon emissions have fallen by 29% over the past decade, there is still progressed to be made to help the environment to limit the effects of Global Warming as we must get our greenhouse gas emissions down by 7.6% by 2030 to limit these effects. There are serval things that we can do to help the environment for instance: recycling, reducing car use, not using plastic bags and instead you should use reusable bags.

It Is important that we continue to make the efforts to help tackle Global Warming and help save our environment and at Alison Law Solicitors we will continue to strive to carry on doing so.